About Me

My name is Craig, thank you for visiting my website, I hope might be able to assist you with your website’s needs be it: consultation, development, full website build, marketing, optimisation or simply training. If that’s the case please get in touch via the contact form.

My backstory is that I originally studied Electronic & Software Engineering, including high level languages like Pascal through mid level languages like C & C++ al the way to low level Assembly (machine) language. Since leaving education I have continued to learn about computer systems, networks, databases and additional languages. Most recently I have been using PHP, JavaScript (including Node JS, Angular JS and React JS) to build web-applications. Since 2008 I’ve been using a framework called Drupal, with experience in versions 6, 7 & 8.

My work career started out in the electronics industry in various roles, most interesting of which was probably performing analysis of freshly assembled circuit boards using a piece of equipment called an ATE to automatically check all the various subsections of the circuits. Boards that failed required fault finding to locate and fix the issue before being rechecked. This fault finding element was very rewarding.

After that I had a change of role, going to work for the computer chip maker Intel providing telephone technical support to end users and small to medium integrators (Intel speak for computer shops etc…). This covered a range of products, including processors, motherboards, networking and connected products like webcams etc…

After a couple of years I got the opportunity to start my own business running a Laserquest site. This taught me a lot about need for good marketing and people skills, not to mention the ongoing need to stay on top of constantly evolving legislation. Running a small business was a real eye opener and made me appreciate just how much hard work goes into running a business. Especially when you don’t have the luxury of a big organisation with dedicated departments and you have to wear all the hats! Whilst I had a lot of fun for nearly 14 years, I felt the time was right for a change of career just recently.

Now I hope to be able to assist small and medium businesses with web development / consulting to help them succeed on the web. With experience running my own small business, I feel can help bridge the gap between the needs of businesses and what’s needed to succeed on the web. A role which will allow me greater flexibility about when and where I work. Allowing for a better work / life balance and more time to spend on my hobbies like Gliding.