Freelance Web Developer

Welcome to Web-Stuff. This site is an information source and also offers the following services:

Freelance web developer in the South East of England available for hire

  • on a full project or

  • for small chunks of work (directly by a client or through an agency)

  • would also consider working on retainer for clients or agencies

I enjoy making websites that achieve business goals. Having spent the last 14 years running small businesses, I understand the pressures and constraints on business owners. A company website needs to earn its way: Direct marketing and lead capture are higher priorities than expensive brand building, since they generate much higher returns on investment.

The best way to build those sales is to concentrate not just on the number of leads, but also on the conversion rate of those leads into customers. How often do you follow-up with the people who’ve enquired about your product / service? Rather than a generic contact-us page that emails you your lead’s details, wouldn’t you prefer a system for tracking those enquires and the follow-up? Some of that process could even be automated, though I’m very much an advocate of talking to people, rather than bombarding them with just emails or texts. The point is I can help craft a bespoke system for your needs and business workflow.

I’d like to think of myself as being a straight talking individual, with insight into the needs of small businesses; someone who is interested in doing a good job for my clients, rather than maximising my own income by up-selling you stuff you don’t need. If the above sounds to you like I could help you with your website needs then please get in touch through the contact form.